Why Hydro Excavation Is Safer & More Effective Than Conventional Digging

A lot of our residential and commercial sewer plumbing systems run underground. Over the years, this has been a great way to maximize the cleanliness and beauty of our properties while minimizing direct interaction with unhygienic wastewater. However, this also meant that plumbing professionals would need to dig down to these lines in order to repair them, disrupting landscaping and creating safety hazards. With the invention of hydro excavation equipment, these concerns are now a thing of the past. This is why hydro excavation is safer and more effective than conventional digging.

Increased Accuracy

First, hydro excavators are more accurate than traditional digging equipment. Since these devices run using pressurized water, plumbers no longer need to use large, bulky backhoes to clear the path down into the sewer line. This allows professionals to better home in on the specific problem area and only disturb that small patch of land. Without the heavy machinery nearby and open ditches, the general risk of injury is greatly reduced.

Works Around Utility Lines

It’s important to note that, due to their accuracy, hydro excavators also make it easier to avoid underground utility lines. When struck during a project, these systems pose the risk of electrocuting workers and bystanders. Accidently rupturing a water main can be just as dangerous to anyone nearby. But since hydro excavators don’t disturb as much of the surrounding land when they dig, there’s less overall risk of hitting an active utility system. To be safe though, you should still always call 811 before you dig so that you know exactly where these utility lines are.

Faster Project Completion

Another reason why hydro excavation is safer and more efficient than conventional digging is that it allows workers to complete the project much faster. The longer a sewer repair takes, the higher the risk of homeowners, businesses and workers getting injured during the process. Additionally, since time is money for businesses, completing the process faster allows them to better cater to their clients. Fortunately, hydro excavation equipment quickly drills down and displaces the dirt, making for a faster job and quicker cleanup after the fact.

If you need sewer pipe relining and repair services, Fletcher’s Plumbing has you covered. We specialize in the use of trenchless technology to minimize landscape damage, ensure quick results, and above all, keep workers and homeowners safe. You can count on us to complete your sewer repair project in a quality manner, regardless of the issue.