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Clogged drains in commercial and municipal buildings are a common occurrence, but that doesn't mean they're easy—or convenient. After you've tried the plunger, give give our clogged drain plumbers a call. Our office staff and experienced commercial plumbing technicians are on-call 24/7.

Clogged drains can quickly become more than an annoyance if they’re not cleared properly. More severe damage can occur if you delay getting the problem corrected. Some damage that can occur includes the following:

  • If the blockage is significant, flooding can occur.
  • A blocked pipe can cause wastewater to flow up into the structure, leading to possible exposure to bacteria and other harmful microbes.
  • Pests make blocked pipes into habitats.
  • The damp and dark environment of a clogged pipe is a perfect home for mold.
  • Leaking and flooding from a blocked drain can cause water damage to the building.
  • Noxious gases can back up into buildings and cause health dangers.

But there are ways to help prevent clogged drains from happening. Drain strainers in sinks are helpful at catching debris from entering your plumbing, but having regular pipe inspections is central to keeping your plumbing working as it should.

Northern California's Commercial Clogged Drain Specialists

Drain clogs can be a significant problem for businesses. If your drains get clogged, call us! Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting is a commercial drain service dedicated to helping organizations in Northern California keep their plumbing in perfect working order. We specialize in commercial plumbing issues—especially clogs to drain lines. Ignoring the problem doesn't just make your business look bad, it can also lead to permanent damage and costly repairs. We also offer preventative drain maintenance to help you avoid clogged drains. For a clogged drain plumber in the Yuba City area, contact us today!