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Certified Gas Line—Installation & Repairs

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Fletcher's is a California State Contractor C-36 licensed and certified for gas line installation & repair.
We've got you covered.

At Fletcher’s Plumbing, we offer commercial gas plumbing services with several different materials for gas line installs, repairs, additions, and replacements. We offer the standard steel piping for above ground installs and the wrapped steel for underground needs. A new product available to certified installers are the CSST flexible stainless steel gas pipe. This product runs inside buildings and can make a difficult job a little easier. Another new product available for underground gas piping are the PE or HDPE, plastic gas piping that won’t rust and is less expensive to install.  Fletcher’s Plumbing has technicians certified in both of these new piping methods and has all necessary tools in house for quick and reliable service on these products.

Why hire a plumber to install gas lines? Without a doubt, plumbers know pipes, and we’re often the most qualified individuals to install gas lines for your commercial plumbing, including water heater replacement. Our technicians know which pipes and materials are needed for the job, including the correct installation methods for new pipes and also for replacing older pipelines. When not installed properly, they have the potential to emit leaks.

A licensed and certified plumber from Fletcher’s will safely and efficiently install gas lines for your commercial business, municipality building, or industrial facility. We’re also adept at installing appliances for kitchens or laundromats. Some appliances can have specific gas line requirements, and it’s imperative to hire a certified contractor to ensure the installation is handled correctly and safely.

Fletcher’s Plumbing and Contracting offers both residential and commercial gas plumbing services. Contact us today for service in Yuba City, Chico, and Sacramento. We also offer emergency plumbing services for issues like flooding or broken water lines.