The Importance of Water Filtration and Purification

Advanced water treatment is becoming more important as the years pass. While we once believed that boiling our water was enough to remove harmful toxins, we now know that this isn’t enough. This is the importance of water filtration and purification and why you should consider installing a purifying system in your own home.

Prevents Water-Related Diseases

For starters, the purity of our water plays a large role in maintaining our current health. From agricultural runoff to high quantities of metal, lots of materials are present in groundwater. Consequently, drinking this water puts all of them in our bodies. Because of this, those who live in particularly problematic areas tend to develop severe illnesses, such as amoebiasis and cholera. Filtering your water removes all of these harmful bacteria, keeping you and your loved ones safe from side effects.

Neutralizes Hard Water

Treating your water can also make it more usable in the home. Hard water has a very high mineral content, making it less effective at breaking down materials like soap and grime. For this reason, many homeowners use water softeners to help improve skin and hair, extend the life of appliances and boost the effectiveness of detergent and softness of clothing. By purifying it, you remove these minerals and increase your tap water’s overall usability.

Reduces Kitchen and Bathroom Stains

Another issue individuals tend to have with hard water is that it leaves dark mineral stains or rust along the inside of their sinks. This happens when the materials in the water collect on the sink’s surface over time and tint the metal a different color. These marks can be unsightly and make these areas much harder to clean. Filtration not only provides clean water, it keeps your household surfaces clean as well.

Has a Better Taste and Smell

The importance of water filtration and purification is especially clear when you consider how unpurified water tastes and smells. No one wants to drink water that comes with a foul odor or residual minerals in it. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why many individuals prefer sugary drinks like soda or juice. However, drinking water is a fundamental part of human survival. So, taking steps to purify your home’s tap water is a great incentive to drink more of it in your daily life.

If you want to ensure that your home’s water is always safe to drink, reach out to Fletcher’s Plumbing. We specialize in the installation of Kinetico home water filtration systems, which combat all major water-related issues. Whether you’re concerned about the safety of your water or simply want to prevent stains in your sink, you should use these products to have quality results every time.