Natural Gas & Propane Gas Line Installation Services

Natural Gas & Propane—Installation & Service

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Ensure your natural or propane gas lines
are serviced and installed by a licensed
plumbing professional.
We've got you covered.

At Fletcher Plumbing, we aren’t just dedicated to ensuring your water lines are serviced and performing properly. In fact, we provide natural gas and propane gas line installation services as well. We offer several different materials for propane gas line installations, repairs, additions, and replacements. In addition, we also offer the standard steel piping for above-ground installs and the wrapped steel for underground needs. As such, we’re confident that we can accommodate any job, regardless of your particular logistics.

Along with our unparalleled services and professionalism, Fletcher’s Plumbing also has access to a range of the latest products in the residential and commercial gas industry. A new propane gas line product available to certified installers is the CSST flexible stainless steel gas pipe. This product runs inside buildings and can make a difficult job a little easier. As such, they’re a great option for those wishing to streamline their preventative maintenance and make these tasks more effective. Another new product available for underground gas lines for propane is the PE or HDPE, plastic gas piping that won’t rust and is less expensive to install. With these materials, not only will the installation process be much faster and budget-friendly, but you also won’t need to worry about their overall lifespan. These products will last much longer, and our team will do the rest to ensure your system remains operational for years to come.

Fletcher’s Plumbing has technicians certified in both of these new piping methods and has all necessary tools in-house for quick and reliable service on these products.

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If you smell natural gas or propane, turn off the gas at your emergency shutoff valve, leave the area and call us or your gas service provider. In case of imminent danger, call 9-1-1.

Signs of a possible gas leak include:

  • Sulfur like smell or rotten egg smell
  • Hissing, whistling or roaring sounds
  • Damaged connections to gas appliances
  • Dead or dying vegetation in otherwise moist areas over or near pipeline areas
  • Unusual soil movement or bubbling water