Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage Disposal Installation or replacement

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Don't get caught without a working garbage disposal during a house full of guests.
We've got you covered.

You rely on your garbage disposal every day while you’re cooking and cleaning in your Yuba City kitchen. Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting has been providing garbage disposal services for decades in Northern California.

Garbage disposals are one of most useful appliances in your kitchen, and because of the work they do, they’re prone to failure—just like any other household appliance. Some reasons your garbage disposal isn’t working properly could be due to foreign objects become lodged deep within the pipes. You’ll need a skilled plumber to expertly dislodge the issue.

Maybe you’ve turned on the disposal only to hear a humming sound? There’s a good chance you have a wiring malfunction that we can address. And, sometimes, normal wear and tear can be the culprit. It might be time for a new garbage disposal installation.

Common signs your garbage disposal is in trouble:

  • Loud, strange noises
  • Stops running while powered on
  • Won’t start or stop on command
  • Motor hums but blades don’t spin
  • Water gathers under disposal
  • Water leaks from disposal
  • Water backs up in the sink

If you have any of these issues with your disposal, reach out to us at Fletcher’s Plumbing to correct them. Contact us today for expert, garbage disposal installation!

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