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crusty calcium buildup corrosion on sink faucet

Hard Water

Dry skin and hair, bathtub ring, spots on glass and silverware, dull, dingy clothing...

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Tastes & Smells

Earthy, musty, rotten egg, or metallic tastes and smells...

Rusty stain running from faucet to drain in bathroom sink


Mineral deposits and mold leave  rusty-orange, black, blue-green stains...

microscopic close-up of green bacteria

Bacteria & Toxins

Water born illness can make it's way into our water supply...

In addition to being a professional water treatment service provider, Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting is an authorized independent dealer of Kinetico home water filtration systems. These systems help fight hard water, stains, odd tastes and smells, and bacteria or toxins in your water. Our expert water treatment service providers can easily diagnose the cause of your water problem and determine the best solution for your home or business. Contact our team today to schedule a free home visit, where we will provide a free water test to establish the necessary equipment for your situation.

Let Us Test Your Water

Not sure about what's in your water? Let our expert water treatment service providers determine which equipment or Kinetico home water filtration system is right for your home with a free water test.

Our Products

Kinetico water softener brine tank

Water Softeners

Reduces water hardness and scale. Protects plumbing, fixture and appliances.

Kinetico reverse osmosis water treatment system

Drinking Water

Provides high-quality water for drinking, cooking and ice cubes.

Kinetico water treatment system tanks

Whole House Systems

Reduces odors, and the drying effects of chlorine, or chloramines, on the skin & hair.

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We'll come to your home and provide a free water test to determine which equipment or Kinetico home water filtration system is best for your water problem.

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Water Treatment Services

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Dave Sosa

Google Reviews

Installed water softener system. Tim and his team did a great job. We finally have a filter system to help address the high iron and magnesium from our well. What a difference, no more smell and no stained toilet tanks or shower walls.


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