Water Stains

Do you have stains in sinks and toilets?

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Water is a natural solvent, and given the needed time and conditions, it will dissolve anything it comes in contact with. That’s why, depending on where you live, your water can contain iron or manganese, which can cause rusty-orange or black water stains. It can even alter hair color. Or if you have water that has a low pH, you can see the telltale, blue-green stains. You’ll see the stains on clothes, fixtures, sinks, tubs, water-using appliances and toilets.

Constantly having hard water stains on your clothing, hair, or plumbing fixtures is extremely frustrating. Quite frankly, these stains can appear on anything the water comes in regular contact with. These stains are very difficult to remove, if you can get rid of them at all. Luckily, experts can help determine the cause of the issue while also preventing any future stains.

By hiring an expert to do a water test, you’ll know which type of system is needed and best for you. Contact us today for a free water test or a quick quote below.

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Not sure about what's in your water or causing water stains? Let our expert water treatment service providers determine which equipment or Kinetico home water filtration system is right for your home with a free water test. 

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