ProSoft® Salt with Resin Kleen®

Now that you have the best water softening system installed in your home or business, you'll want a high purity salt to keep your equipment working at its best.


ProSoft® Compacted Salt Cubes with Resin Kleen®

  • High-purity compacted salt keeps your water softener operating at peak efficiency
  • Proprietary Resin Kleen® additive helps extend the life of your water softener by cleaning the resin beads
  • High-quality, natural ingredients minimize residue and maintenance on your system
  • Effective for all Kinetico Water Systems and traditional water softeners
  • Available in 50 lb. bags
  • Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to NSF/ANSI/CAN 60

Fletcher’s Plumbing in Northern California recommends ProSoft® Salt with Resin Kleen® to keep your Kinetico Water Treatment System working at top efficiency. As an authorized independent dealer of Kinetico whole home water filtration systems, we want you to have the best water possible. To keep your system running tip-top, you'll want to regularly add high purity salt to your brine tank.

How to Check your Salt Levels

To check the salt level in your brine tank, just lift the lid and look inside. Can you see water or only salt? In general, you don’t want to see water above salt. If you can see water, add salt to the brine tank.

How much Salt should you add to your Tank?

So, how much should you add? It is important not to add too much salt. Filling the brine tank completely could cause the salt to bridge. A salt bridge is when the salt pellets or cubes harden together to form a solid clump of salt. To prevent salt from bridging, fill your brine tank with salt based on these guidelines.

how much salt to add chart

After you have had your water softener for a while, you will begin to learn how much salt you normally go through each month. This will help you determine how often and how much salt you should purchase and when you will need to add it.


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