Commercial Sink Repair

Drip, drip, leak, squeak!

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Leaky drips in your business are costing you money, not to mention driving you crazy. Replace or repair your commercial sinks today.
We've got you covered.

Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting provides professional commercial sink repair and installation for kitchen, bath, and laundry sinks, including faucets, fixtures, and plumbing infrastructure for businesses, municipalities, and industrial facilities in Northern California. As a state-licensed, plumbing contractor for over 45 years, we'll get the job done quickly and affordably whether you have one commercial sink or 20.

With everything a busy business must juggle, there are some issues you can’t immediately address. But plumbing problems like a dripping sink is matter, and you’ll want to add them to the top of your to-do list. Why? Even though a leaky faucet can seem like a minor problem, more severe consequences could arise by ignoring a constant drip from a sink:

  • Mold and mildew can grow in the damp environment, causing illness to employees and clients.
  • If the leak worsens, you risk water damage to areas around the sink and face more costly repairs.
  • Your water bills are higher, leeching into your monthly budget.

Call us for leaky faucet repair, and save yourself the extra headaches!

Sink issues?

We specialize in solving low flow blockages, water treatment issues, drips, leaks and broken sinks! Out-dated, inefficient, leaking faucets? No problem. Our experienced technicians and full-stocked trucks and resolve most problems on the spot.

Our professional team members undergo a background check to ensure they’re trustworthy to be on your property. We understand that your clients want reputable plumbers, and that’s why we hire experienced technicians to handle commercial sink repair for our neighbors in Yuba City.

If you need same-day sink repair or installation, contact us at Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting! We offer many types of commercial plumbing services, including drain cleanings and plumbing diagnosis.