Tips for Conserving Water in Your Commercial Building

Tips for Conserving Water in Your Commercial Building

Water conservation becomes increasingly important every summer. With record-high temperatures and less frequent precipitation rates, many businesses find themselves paying more for water than they ever thought they’d need to. As such, discovering new ways to conserve the water you already have will be the key to your success as you make your way through these next couple months. Use these tips for conserving water in your commercial building to ensure that nothing goes to waste and that you always have the resources you need.

Monitor Your Water Usage

The first step to saving more water for your business is having a clear understanding of how much you’re currently using. This way, you can go back and more accurately assess your system’s performance after you’ve made the necessary adjustments. Many businesses use more water than they typically need, and knowing where your consumption falls can help you understand how important it is that you make a change.

Install Low-Flow Plumbing

Consider starting out by switching to low-flow plumbing appliances. Products such as faucet aerators and high-efficiency toilets significantly cut water usage by pulling less water from your water supply. This allows you to save water without needing to change how often your company uses it. This will be a significant investment at first, but it’ll ultimately help you save resources and money in the long run.

Reduce Your Water Pressure

Another helpful tip for conserving water in your commercial building is to recalibrate the structure’s overall water pressure. Higher pressure in your piping means your faucets push out a larger amount of water over time. This can cause them to release more water than you need for short, basic tasks such as washing your hands. Something as simple as lowering this pressure can save several gallons of water every day. Just make sure you don’t turn the pressure too low, or you could end up using more water.

Insulate Your Piping Systems

Taking the time to have your piping insulated can help as well. When commercial pipes remain exposed to the outside elements, regulating water temperature becomes more difficult. This often leaves you waiting with the faucet running while extra water goes to waste. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you get your piping system insulated. This is especially important for sections that lie outside or along the exterior of your building.

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