Pipe Relining

Cured-In-Place Pipe Relining Saves Time & Money

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With minimal disruption to landscaping, sidewalk, buildings and parking lots. Pipe relining can have you open for business, while we address the issue.
We've got you covered.

In-ground plumbing lines and drains over time develop cracks, leak, and move underground. Corrosive materials, tree roots, and pressure contribute to pipe problems that can only be solved with replacement. Pipe relining, also known as cured-in-place, saves business owners time, money, and landscapes.

No more destroyed landscaping

As an alternative to traditional unsightly excavation and pipe replacement, cured-in-place (CIPP) technology provides pipe rehabilitation that works with any plumbing. Two-part epoxy resin liners create a permanent barrier between leaking pipes and your water supply and effectively restore PVC, clay, and cast-iron drain lines. Work that usually takes weeks and destroys landscaping can be done in a few days.

Leaking pipes can shut down your business, but you don’t have to face weeks of excavation work to get things running again. Contact Fletcher's Plumbing and Contracting, for expert non-invasive pipe repair and rehabilitation that works with your schedule, budget and landscape.