How To Prepare Your Home for Fire Season in California

The dry season can be one of the most devastating times of year for those living in Northern California. Not only do these months typically present fewer ways to obtain water, but they’re also the most susceptible to fires on residential properties. Because of this, it’s vital that you do all you can to decrease your risks and maintain your safety and that of your possessions. Following are tips on how to prepare your home for fire season in California.

Remove Dead or Dry Foliage

The first step to lowering your home’s overall fire risk is to get rid of any dry brush materials in your yard. Whether that includes dead plants or fallen sticks from nearby trees, these items are highly combustible and can quickly cause a flame to spread to your home. As such, remove all yard debris immediately following any landscaping project. Likewise, trim your foliage regularly to maintain its health and reduce your susceptibility to flames.

Keep Your Yard Watered

It’s also crucial that keep your lawn hydrated. Plants only become flammable when we allow them to die and dry out. There is much less risk for fire with healthy, verdant vegetation. For this reason, practicing proper yard care can decrease your chances of dealing with a fire. Even watering your property every few days can prevent flames from spreading to your home’s foundation.

Install Screens Over Windows

Another thing you can do to help your odds is to install metal framed screens along the exterior sides of your windows. When fires break out nearby, it’s common for the resulting embers to cause surrounding homes to catch as well. Screens can protect your home by catching these embers before they fly into your home. Additionally, since they’re plastic rather than dry wood, they’re less likely to catch fire themselves.

Repair Any Piping Leaks

Believe it or not, though, maintaining your home’s plumbing is the most important way to prepare your home for fire season in California. Though it might be confusing to think of your home’s pipelines being responsible for a full-fledged fire, incorrectly installed or repaired plumbing can make this a reality. Leaks, specifically, can wear away at the surrounding drywall and put that water in direct contact with your electrical cables. Should sparks fly from these wires, your home could easily catch fire before you realize the problem.

If you’re looking to decrease your home’s fire risk in the coming months, Fletcher’s Plumbing is here to help. With our operations based locally, we know just how dangerous even minor plumbing issues can be during this time of year. Consequently, our plumbing services in California are quick and efficient, and we adhere to your specific scheduling needs. To learn more, give us a call or visit our website.