Signs That You May Have Tree Roots in Your Pipes

Signs That You May Have Tree Roots in Your Pipes

Though they’re often hidden, several of our home’s key systems are installed outdoors. This even includes plumbing and sewer line access. As such, it’s still common for the outdoor conditions of our property to affect them in some way—namely, any trees growing nearby. Root growth can impede underground pipework and, over time, reduce its overall functionality. Because of this, it’s important that you know the signs that you may have tree roots in your pipes before it’s too late.

Sink Holes in Your Yard

As tree roots start pushing into your plumbing system, they can puncture pipes and cause heavy leaks. With that water allowed to freely flow out, the soil around it loosens and begins to sink. This is what ultimately causes sinkholes to appear on your lawn. Therefore, if you see certain areas of your yard begin to develop sinkholes, it could be an indicator of a problem directly underneath.

Slow or Blocked Drains

It could also mean trouble if your indoor drains are slow or not working entirely. Once roots have penetrated a pipe, they can easily become blockage that obstructs water flow into the main waste basin. For this reason, it’s common for homeowners to experience low-functioning drains or even have some waste clog into their system.

Terrible Smells

Another common sign that you may have tree roots in your pipes is a terrible smell drifting around your property. When sewage backup occurs, it often comes with a foul, distinctive odor. Generally speaking, this means there’s damage somewhere along your plumbing system. But, if your pipes are relatively new, it’s a logical assumption that tree roots are to blame. If this is the case, you may even notice your yard has a stench similar to rotten eggs.

Gurgling Sounds

Along with your drains being blocked, you may hear some loud gurgling sounds as the water tries to force its way past the roots. This will be most apparent when turning off faucets or upon flushing the toilet. As such, if you suspect something might be wrong, stop and listen for any of these possible sounds.

Should you notice any of these indicators in or around your home, call Fletcher’s Plumbing for help. We know exactly what to look for when it comes to tree root damage, and our home plumbing services will work with your schedule to get it repaired. We also use trenchless technology to remove blockages and replace pipes with minimal disturbance to the surrounding landscape. So, even though these issues can seemingly come out of nowhere, you don’t need to handle it all on your own. Give Fletcher’s Plumbing a call to see if we can help you solve your plumbing issues.