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Benefits of Using Trenchless Technology To Repair Plumbing

In the past, plumbing repair projects involving yard work have been invasive, destructive, and, ultimately, inefficient to the clients requesting assistance. In fact, it’s for this reason that many homeowners choose to put off these projects and risk causing further damage to their homes. Fortunately, the plumbing industry has seen technological advancement in the last several decades and, with these modern tools, repair tasks have become much more accommodating. These are some of the benefits of using trenchless technology to repair plumbing.

Saves Time on the Project

Traditionally, sewer repairs required multiple days or even weeks of preparation, demolition, and landscaping after the fact. During this time, homeowners would be without water and would need to find other accommodations. But, with trenchless devices, jobs can be done in as little as a few days because extensive digging and rebuilding are no longer mandatory. This means less inconvenience for homeowners and more time for professionals to tackle additional jobs.

Costs Less To Operate

Reduced operating expenses is also a key benefit of using trenchless technology to repair plumbing. This is because these jobs no longer require workers to take out the supporting sewer walls in order to get to the main pipeline. The less they need to take down, the fewer things they’ll need to replace afterward. As such, both the plumbing company and the client are better off financially once the job is complete.

Less Damage To Surrounding Areas

As briefly mentioned before, trenchless technology allows plumbers to complete repairs without causing extensive damage to the surrounding property. With these devices, only two holes need to be made, and both are small by construction standards. This means residents won’t need to worry about large sections of their yard being torn up, and professionals won’t have to hire landscapers to replace it.

Higher Quality Results

Above all else, trenchless technology allows professionals to produce better quality results. Rather than replacing a full pipeline, one option of trenchless equipment works by placing cure-in-place liners around the damaged area. Once this material hardens, it forms an impenetrable barrier that keeps out tree roots and helps offset any cracks or misaligned pipe segments. Cure-in-place liners are also often used to clear a clogged drain or break up and remove old piping. Overall, repairs done with trenchless technology are expected to last much longer and yield better water flow.

Trenchless repair technology has truly revolutionized the plumbing industry. That’s why Fletcher’s Plumbing makes it a point to use these pieces of equipment on many of our own jobs. Our trenchless sewer repair services specialize in getting pipelines repaired quickly without needing to tear up your yard in the process. As such, we’re confident you’ll be just as pleased with the process as you will be with the results.