Septic Tank Problems Caused by Rainfall & What To Do

Septic Tank Problems Caused by Rainfall & What To Do

A home’s septic tank can be influenced by a series of environmental factors, many of which you’d never expect. One of them is the quantity of rain your area receives within a given time. While many of us think that our septic tanks would remain unfazed underground, the access water can actually do a lot to hinder the system’s overall performance. These are some of the septic tank problems caused by rainfall and what to do about them.

Excess Water Flow

When your yard begins to take on more water than the dirt can absorb, these fluids can start to merge with those from the drain system in your home. Eventually, the rainwater can begin to overtake the wastewater flowing into your septic tank, and the tank will quickly begin to fill. This ultimately causes water to back up in the drain, often still saturated with waste, and can lead to clogs.

Clogged Drainage Pipes

Clogs are also a common issue due to the number of solid materials usually present in wastewater. So, as the backup occurs, these substances get stuck and form an impenetrable blockage. Clogs generated by heavy rainfall tend to be more difficult to get rid of because they can’t be accessed from fixtures in the home. As such, it takes a trained professional to address these issues and get things moving correctly again.

Ineffective Drain Field

Another common septic tank problem caused by rainfall is the drain field being rendered ineffective. The drain field is the area of your septic system that’s responsible for breaking down the organic substances within wastewater. However, should your tank start to back up from the sheer quantity of water, the drain field can no longer maintain the proper environment for the decomposition to occur. With nowhere else to go, this may send the waste further up your pipes—maybe even back into your home.

It’s important you’re prepared for any of the septic troubles that could come your way as a result of the rainy season. This is why our team at Fletcher’s Plumbing is as ready as ever to respond to your call. Our emergency septic pumping service will respond as soon as the next business day to help you through your plumbing troubles and ensure everything is functioning properly. So, even with a storm on the radar, you don’t need to worry about what might happen next.