The Best Hidden Advantages of Hydro-Jetting

The Best Hidden Advantages of Hydro-Jetting

At some point in every homeowner’s life, they will experience a clogged sewer or drain that causes plumbing issues. Whether it’s grease, debris, or other minerals, many different materials can clog up your pipes over time. In addition, your toilets and drains can also get backed up, making the problem even worse.

Thankfully, there are just as many ways to remedy this problem as there are causes. The solution that we will be discussing in this post is hydro-jetting, which uses pressurized water to eliminate sludge buildup in your drain pipes.

Before commencing with the hydro-jetting process, an experienced plumber will first survey your lines with a video inspection. By doing this, they will ensure that they know what’s causing the problem, and they will assess the level of damage that your pipes have experienced.

Hydro-jetting has several advantages over other forms of clog removal. With this in mind, here are some of the best hidden advantages of hydro-jetting.

Hydro-Jetting Is Versatile

Although some homeowners believe that hydro-jetting is only for plumbers to use on commercial jobs, this is simply not true. Hydro-jetting is a versatile approach to removing clogs because you can use it for residential, commercial, and industrial tasks.

In addition to being versatile in various settings, hydro-jetting is also useful for clogs, both big and small, as well as everything in between. If you are dealing with a serious buildup of grease in your drains, hydro-jetting can remove large amounts of sludge, which isn’t possible with snaking. Hydro-jetting can also work if tree roots are blocking your plumbing.

Some of the types of pipes that hydro-jetting works for include steel, cast-iron, clay, resin-based, and cement pipes for sewage. As for the list of particles that can build up in your pipes, hydro-jetting can handle soap residue, sand, waste, and mud, just to name a few. Hydro-jetting can get the job done whether you are dealing with a small bathroom clog or an intense factory backup.

It’s Good for the Environment

You might be wondering how hydro-jetting can be good for the environment since it uses so much water. However, it’s actually more eco-friendly than other methods for drain removal because it does not use chemicals.

The absence of harsh chemicals puts hydro-jetting ahead of other techniques for unclogging drains, and it also makes it a safe practice for people who live by large bodies of water to use. Since hydro-jetting involves no chemicals, people who live by rivers and lakes won’t have to worry about hazardous runoff materials when they’re trying to unclog their pipes.

Another factor that distinguishes hydro-jetting as an environmentally safe practice is the fact that it’s a non-invasive technique. What this means is that a plumber can clean out your sewer lines without having to dig an enormous hole in your yard to reach your pipes.

Avoiding this outcome means that you won’t have to destroy nature just to eliminate a clog. By doing this, you can preserve your soil, prevent a huge mess in your yard, and let nature coexist peacefully with your home. This remains true whether you live near Yuba City or you are looking for plumbers in the Sacramento area.

This Technique Is More Effective at Removing Blockages Than Other Procedures

When plumbers use more traditional methods for removing blockages, like snaking, some of the residue might remain coated on your pipe’s interior. These particles can build up over time again, leading to yet another clog later on. Thankfully, hydro-jetting gets rid of the clog entirely, including scum on the inside of the pipe, so that nothing is left after the procedure is finished.

The water pressure from hydro-jetting is so powerful that it can remove almost any sort of obstruction in your water lines. No matter what type of blockage you’re dealing with, hydro-jetting can take care of the job because using this technique allows plumbers to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

This is especially helpful for buildings with plumbing systems that are difficult to navigate, such as older buildings. However, know that older buildings often have pipes that are too fragile, so you can’t use hydro-jetting to eliminate a clog because it can damage or destroy the pipe. In this case, the only solutions would be to use snaking or have a new pipe installed.

Less Worry About Future Clogs

If your plumber needs to repair a section point or deal with the lining of your pipes, hydro-jetting is their first line of defense because you can’t apply lining material when there is anything coating the interior of your pipes. Your plumber will be able to identify potential issues with your pipe during the video inspection before hydro-jetting proceeds. Once this process is complete, you won’t have to worry as much about future clogs because hydro-jetting eliminates smaller ones before they can get out of hand.

Since a minor blockage can lead to major damage later on, preventing these clogs from occurring can save you from having costly plumbing repairs down the line. You also won’t have to get your pipes cleaned as often, which saves you even more money.

Hydro-Jetting Is a Quick and Sanitary Process

Any job that deals with the inside of a pipe is going to be a messy one. Your plumber does the dirty work for you, but you should still consider the sanitation aspect of this process.

If your contractor uses traditional methods of clog removal, then raw sewage will leave your pipes and come into contact with your plumber, home, and the surrounding area. Luckily, since hydro-jetting doesn’t involve taking materials out of your pipes and the debris is just washed down the drain, no one has to come into contact with raw sewage. Not only does this hinder the ability of bacteria to spread, but it also means that hydro-jetting is a much faster process than other methods of unclogging.

Overall, hydro-jetting can be a great way to clean out a drain if it gets clogged. Now that you know a few of the best hidden advantages of hydro-jetting, go ahead and reach out to our plumbers in the Northern California area to help you deal with the most challenging of clogs.

The Best Hidden Advantages of Hydro-Jetting