3 Tips for Reusing Grey Water in Your Home

The state of California has recently passed new laws to discourage the wasteful expenditure of water that typically comes from watering your lawn during a drought. This means that finding ways to conserve water in your home is more essential than ever before.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, we have you covered. Here are three tips for reusing grey water in your home.

Collect Your Grey Water With Containers or Buckets

The simplest way to reuse your grey water is to collect it in a bucket or container. There are many ways you can collect excess water in your home.

First, you can put a bucket under your faucet while you wait for the water to warm up. That way, it doesn’t go down the drain just because it’s too cold.

You can do this in any sink, bathtub, or shower that’s in your home. Next, instead of pouring your boiling water down the drain when you are done cooking, wait for the water to cool so you can use it to water your garden.

Your garden will thrive when you pour your excess water over your flowers. Whether you have leftover coffee, water bottles, or water that you used to rinse out your recycling material, all of it can go on your plants instead of in your pipes.

Have a Professional Install Your Grey Water Irrigation System

Although collecting your grey water in buckets and pouring it on your plants requires less effort, if you want your home to have a drought-proof irrigation system, you need a professional to install your sophisticated grey water system. Yuba City plumbers should be able to help you direct your water lines from your home to your garden.

A professional contractor will be able to install a low-tech system that relies on gravity to push your grey water out of your house and into your garden. You should ask a professional to install your grey water system if you don’t think you can do it on your own.

Install Your Own Irrigation System

If you are feeling ambitious, you could install your own irrigation system. The main advantage you would gain from doing it yourself is that it would be cheaper since you wouldn’t have to pay for labor. However, be sure to include a timer in your irrigation system so that your system doesn’t overuse what little grey water you have.

Overall, grey water helps the environment and lowers your utility bill since you won’t use as much fresh water. Now that you know three tips for reusing grey water in your home, go ahead and call a professional today to set up an installation for your grey water irrigation system.