Are Flushable Wipes Bad for Your Plumbing?

Toilets take a lot of cr*p! Multiple times a day, they remove waste from our homes, schools, and businesses. As efficient, hardworking, and usually inconspicuous as toilets seem, some things simply shouldn’t be put in them. These include tampons, Q-tips, diapers, cotton balls, and paper towels.

Even some materials that claim they’re safe for toilets cause problems. So, you might wonder things like “Are flushable wipes bad for your plumbing?” and the simple answer is yes. But, to understand why, you should first learn about what makes something safe for flushing.

Toilet Paper

One of the few flushable things that won’t risk damaging your system is toilet paper. The reason why toilet paper is usable in a toilet system is because of its unique ability. Namely, it dissolves in water, preventing clogging as it flows through the pipes. This dissolvability is why toilet paper is the best material for bathroom flushing.

Wipes Are Water-Resilient

Flushable wipes are very different because they lack the dissolving nature of toilet paper. Although they serve a very similar function as toilet paper or other cleaning wipes, they shouldn’t go down the toilet. They’ll cause clogs and backups, and some become even stronger in water. Always throw wipes in the trash.

Wipes Cause Issues

Flushing unsuitable items or wipes into your toilet systems cause clogs in the pipes. A severe enough clog can cause a whole host of other issues such as flooding after a flush. This can cost thousands of dollars for repairs which is why it should be avoided.

If your toilet and drains do become clogged, hire an experienced, knowledgeable plumber like Fletcher’s Plumbing to clear sewer and septic services lines of wipes or other unwanted materials.