Why Plumbers Advise Against Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

For almost as long as we’ve had residential plumbing systems, liquid drain cleaners have been around to bridge the gap between professionals and DIY troubleshooters. However, despite what many homeowners think, these products simply aren’t the best alternative to plumbing problems. In fact, they can create more issues than they’re supposed to solve. Read on to learn why plumbers advise against using liquid drain cleaners and what you can do to maintain your drains instead.

Potential Pipe System Damage

Liquid drain cleaners expose your pipes to harsh chemicals. These materials eat away at clogs and, in doing so, cause serious damage to the interior and exterior of your pipes. This increases the risk of additional plumbing issues developing in the future and costing you more money in the long run.

Kill’s Beneficial Drain Bacteria

Their bacteria-killing properties are also an important reason why plumbers advise against using liquid drain cleaners. Every drainage system has a supply of beneficial bacteria that processes and breaks down waste products. These organisms keep your septic system running and prevent them from overflowing with wastewater. When you use liquid drain cleaners, you’re killing off these helpful bacteria, setting the stage for additional drainage malfunctions.

Presents a Health Hazard

Drain cleaning products aren’t only dangerous to your drain’s bacteria. In fact, the chemicals in their formulas can harm you, too. These substances can burn your lungs, sting your eyes, and even cause your skin to peel upon contact. Keep them out of your home! If you’ve used dangerous drain cleaners in the past, it’s important to inform any plumbers you hire so they can wear protective gear when working on your drain.

Chemical drain cleaners can produce toxic fumes that can be harmful to breath and may also damage to skin and eyes.

The Solution Is Only Temporary

Whatever good these products provide to your home plumbing system, it’s important to note the effects are only temporary. Though they can reduce clogs and prevent them for a short time, they require frequent reuse to clear unwanted elements. Otherwise, you risk these blockages coming back worse than before. That’s why it’s always a better solution to have the root of the problem addressed by a professional plumbing service.

So, before you pick up a drain cleaner from the store, reach out to Fletcher’s Plumbing and Contracting. Our experienced team of residential plumbing contractors will work with you to determine the cause of your plumbing problems and repair them in a timely and safe fashion. This way, you won’t even need to take the risk with over-the-counter formulas.