Signs You Should Have Your Plumbing Inspected

Signs You Should Have Your Plumbing Inspected

As reliable as the average home’s plumbing can be, it’s important for homeowners to recognize that problems can occur. This is why it’s recommended that you have your home plumbing inspected about every two years. However, you may need to call a professional before then if you’re experiencing any persistent issues—even if it doesn’t inherently seem like a plumbing problem. These are some of the signs you should have your plumbing inspected and what they could mean for your system.

Your Water Pressure Is Low

Low water pressure can be a symptom of many things. It could mean something as minor as a blocked shower head or as serious as a burst pipeline. As such, you should always take these occurrences seriously and contact a professional if you can’t immediately find the root of the problem—see our article, Common Causes For Low Water Pressure. So, if you notice that your shower isn’t as forceful as it once was, take this as an indicator of something deeper going on.

Drains Aren’t Draining

You should consider getting your pipes inspected as well if your drains aren’t letting water through. In most cases, this will happen when you need to have a large blockage removed. But if your efforts to get rid of the clutter prove unsuccessful, it might require professional tools to get the job done. Requesting a full inspection in these instances can help pinpoint the exact problem and even let you know if other drains are in the same condition.

There’s a Foul Odor in Your Home

Another crucial sign you should have your plumbing inspected is if you’re smelling a strong odor coming from your central plumbing lines. This could be around shower drains, sinks, and toilets. When your sewer lines aren’t venting properly, it can lead to a backup of fumes in your home’s pipes. A blockage can fester and start releasing an unpleasant smell into your home. As such, getting an inspection is the best way to find the issue and get it resolved fast.

Should you notice any of these occurrences with your own home plumbing, it’s crucial that you hire experienced professionals to help. At Fletcher’s Plumbing, we strive to keep every home’s pipe system performing without a hitch. In fact, our sewer and septic services even include emergency repairs. So, just give us a call and we’ll always be there when you need us most.