Questions To Ask a Commercial Plumbing Company

Questions To Ask a Commercial Plumbing Company

In a commercial property, a plumbing problem can be more substantial than the few hours of inconvenience a homeowner undergoes to have a drain opened. Shutting down to clear sewer blockages, repair burst pipes, or replace broken fixtures means lost revenue or productivity. Hiring a qualified plumbing professional will ensure your business gets back up and running quickly. Before signing a contract, be sure to go over these questions to ask a commercial plumbing company.

Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Commercial plumbers should provide proof they hold all the required licenses in your state. They must demonstrate they are experts in local city building codes as well as county and state regulations. Ask for proof of liability insurance that covers workers in case of injury, and property in case of damage.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Experience matters. Commercial plumbing contractors should have the experience to complete the work you need. Issues will differ from building to building. Whether it’s a broken pipe, clogged sewer line, or a leak, ask the company about similar jobs they’ve done and how long they’ve been doing that kind of work.

Do You Provide Free Estimates?

Be sure you ask whether you will be charged for an estimate before a plumber comes to your site. There might be an upfront cost for travel and time to determine the problem, even if you don’t choose that plumbing company for the job.

Do You Warrant Your Work?

Fixtures may be subject to a manufacturer’s warranty. The work done to connect pipes, comply with codes, and meet the correct environmental and health standards is different. Ask if the commercial plumbing company warrants their work, and if so, what the warranty covers.

Do You Charge a Flat Rate or by the Hour?

Ask about the specifics of any quote or estimate. Does it reflect all labor and parts, regardless of the time involved? If the company charges by the hour, will they give an estimate of how long the work should take? Ask about what happens if something unexpected turns up on the job and the work takes longer than anticipated.

Ask the commercial plumbing company how they schedule their work and how they expect to meet deadlines. Ask how the company will minimize disruption to your business.

How Do You Protect People and Property?

Plumbing repairs can be dangerous, and they can create quite a mess. Heavy equipment and loud noises may be part of an outdoor repair job. Inquire about how the company protects property while working, and what they do to ensure safety for businesses in the building. These questions should give you a start when you are interviewing contractors to take care of plumbing work.

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