Water Saving Tips for Around the House

We may no longer be in a drought, but being water wise and finding ways to save water and look out for leaks is not only good for the environment but good for your wallet. Check out our 7 water saving tips for around the house. These quick and easy items will help you save water and money.

7 Water Saving Tips for Around the House

#1: Install Water Saving Shower Heads

Replacing your current shower heads with water efficient models won’t leave you high and dry. You’ll save water on each shower but won’t notice a considerable difference in the flow.

#2: Only Flush When Necessary

It’s easy to waste gallons of water by using your toilet as a garbage can. Don’t flush Q-tips, matches, dental floss or your tissue after you’ve blown your nose. Not only is this bad for your septic system, but each flush uses unnecessary water. Put a small trash can next to the toilet to help break this habit.

#3: Install Low-Flow Faucet Aerators

This simple, low-cost device screws right onto the end of your faucet, reducing the flow, without reducing pressure. A seemingly small change that can make a big difference.

#4: Run Full Loads

You washing machine and your dishwasher should be full before you run them. This saves water and improves the performance of the machine.

#5: Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your pipes means you get hot water faster, allowing you to save excess water that would be left running while you wait for it to warm up for your bath or shower.

#6: Turn Off the Faucet When You’re Brushing Your Teeth and Shaving

Turn off the faucet after you’ve wet your toothbrush and when shaving, add a couple inches of warm water to the sink, set the stopper and use this water for rinsing your razor.

#7: Check for and Repair Leaks

Regularly checking for leaks inside and outside can save water, money and the headache of large repairs or damage. Read our blog on detecting common household leaks for tips on where and how to check and contact us if you find or suspect a problem.

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