Gold Shovel Standard Certification


Gold Shovel Standard Certification

We’ve proudly made the commitment to safe digging practices in accordance with the California “One Call Law” and the Common Ground Alliance best practices for excavation. This has earned us a place on the list of PG&E Gold Shovel Certified Contractors.

To become Gold Shovel Standard certified we have:

  • committed to perform no more than two dig-ins within a rolling 12-month period.
  • developed and promise to adhere to a Dig-In Prevention Policy, as outlined by PG&E, which includes:
    • Excavation Statement signed by a corporate officer or owner
    • Training Program covering the requirements of the One Call Law and Cal-OSHA’s Construction Safety Orders
    • Learn about the One Call Law
    • Corrective Action Plan identifying dig-in causes and corrective measures
    • Employee Acknowledgment and Accountability Statement giving all employees a way to report company activity that violates excavation laws without fear of retribution

We are dedicated to excellence on every job.

To learn more about Gold Shovel Standard Certification click here.

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