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Kinetico Whole House Water Treatment System-Good for the the Whole Home

Fletcher's Plumbing and Contracting Inc., and Kinetico Whole House Water Systme



Whether you’re thinking about drinking enough water each day or how to conserve water usage in your home and yard, water is often on our minds.

As an authorized independent Kinetico Water Systems dealer, Fletcher’s Plumbing and Contracting, Inc., wants to help you get the right water treatment system for your family. Kinetico Water Systems are non-electric , use less salt, are built to last and are friendly on the environment. For over 40 years, Kinetico has been the smart approach to efficient, effective and economical water solutions.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with your Kinetico whole house water treatment system include:


  • Experience soft water that’s chlorine-free.
    • You won’t have to put up with the smell, taste and drying effects of chlorinated water.
  • Save money on soaps and cleaning products.
    • Using soft water means you’ll us fewer detergents and cleaners yet still have better cleaning results.
  • Protect your plumbing.
    • Clean, soft water keeps plumbing free from scale buildup and saves money on costly replacement
  • Taste the difference.
    • Recipes, beverages, and foods made with water will taste delicious.
  • Enjoy great drinking water right at your tap.
    • Eliminate the purchase and disposal of plastic water bottles.
  • Protect your water-using appliances.
    • Clean, soft water will help your water-using appliances work better and last longer which saves you money.
  • Discover softer, smoother hair and skin.
    • With soft water, you’ll be amazed at how much better your skin and hair will look and feel.
  • Save time spent cleaning.
    • Scale, soap scum and hard water stains are eliminated with soft water, so cleanup time is reduced.
  • Drink the suggested eight glasses of water a day.
    • It will be easy when the water tastes so good and is readily available.
  • Enjoy whiter, brighter laundry.
    • Detergents work better in soft water, so you’ll notice better laundering results and save money on replacements.
  • Make clean, clear ice cubes.
    • Great drinking water makes great ice cubes.
  • Eliminate spotting.
    • Hard water spots are gone when dishes, glasses and silverware are washed in soft water.

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