Water Heaters – Regular Maintenance Might Save You Money Over the Life of Your Water Heater

If you’re not taking proper care of your water heater, you may find yourself suffering from an unexpected arctic freeze on a cold morning. Many people don’t think twice about the state of their water heater—until it acts up.

Water heaters need to be cleaned and flushed out at least once a year. Failing to do that results in sediment build up which can lead to a lot of problems. Through regular use, debris particles—undesolved dirt, sand, and minerals—begin to collect at the bottom of your water heater. As the amount of debris builds, the harder it is for your water heater to function. The good news is that regular upkeep of your water heater saves you from all of that and it’s not difficult to do. The technicians at Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting, Inc. are your water heating pros and can keep your ‘big guy’ happily functioning like a champ. Give us a call. Our technicians can properly install and show you how to flush and clean your waterheater.

Regular maintenance to your water heater also means prolonging its life. A water heater maintained with adequate annual flushing will far exceed the lifespan of a neglected water heater. The consequences of ignoring your water heater, year after year, are more than a dirty water and a cold shower experience—you save time and money. At Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting, Inc. we recommend flushing your water heater annually to save time and money.