Kitchen Remodeling


As a licensed contractor, Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting specializes in remodeling kitchens and installing fixtures, cabinets, paint, and drinking water systems. We have the know-how and experience to create beautiful, functional rooms. We even install whole-house water treatment systems.

Our skilled team can turn the most tired and outdated kitchen into a modern and beautiful space that your friends and family can all enjoy. Whether you simply want to replace a backsplash or you need the whole room overhauled, we have what it takes to get the job done perfectly the first time around.

Fletcher’s offers kitchen remodeling in Roseville, CA, and throughout surrounding areas including Yuba City, Chico, Sacramento, and other cities throughout Northern California.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where friends and family come to gather and enjoy each other’s company as they cook and enjoy good food — an event that can be tarnished if the kitchen is uninspiring or poorly designed. If a deteriorating kitchen is interfering with your confidence or your ability to host family gatherings, it’s time to do something about it. 

Before dismissing a kitchen remodel as an inconvenient project or a wasteful expense, consider that this project can serve a highly functional purpose and that our team can handle the whole thing from start to finish. Fletcher’s is ready to take care of those broken tiles, missing cabinet doors, and peeling countertops. We can also help you reap energy savings by swapping out your outdated kitchen gadgets for eco-friendly appliances. A kitchen remodel is also your opportunity to reorganize the floorplan if needed.

If your kitchen is still in good shape, a remodeling project could still be a smart idea. Updating this room of your home could increase your property value and help you resell your home more easily in the future. Maybe you just want to design your dream kitchen or you’re ready for a change. Regardless of your goals, Fletcher’s has you covered, and we’re ready to listen to what you have in mind for your Sacramento kitchen remodel.

Water Treatment Systems Are Our Specialty

When remodeling your kitchen, you can’t forget about water treatment systems. This service is essential to ensure that your home, business, or building has safe drinking water. This can include water softeners and whole house water treatment systems.

As a team of plumbing professionals, water systems are our specialty; Fletcher’s team of water treatment experts works to eliminate hard water, bad tastes or smells, bacteria and toxins, and stains. We’re are an authorized, independent Kinetico dealer. Visit our water treatment website to find out how you can improve your water and equip your home with the right water treatment system.

Behind the Scenes

No matter how much you prepare, there’s always something you didn’t plan on when thinking about kitchen remodeling. Many people overlook the importance of electrical systems, gas lines, or septic systems during their kitchen remodel. But don’t worry—Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting has extensive kitchen remodeling experience. Our expert remodeling contractors and technicians will help you through every step.

Licensed Contractor

Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting has the experience, skill, and know-how to complete any remodeling job you might need. We have three contractor license classifications: C-36 Plumbing, B-General Contractor, and A-Underground Engineer.