4 Common Winter Plumbing Issues in Northern California

4 Common Winter Plumbing Issues in Northern California

Winter in Northern California can bring challenges and hardships for homeowners. From freezing temperatures to heavy rains and windstorms, there is always a potential for damage to your property. 

One area that people sometimes overlook is the plumbing. Winter can be hard on your home’s water system, especially in areas that experience frost and frigid temperatures. Let’s discuss the four most common winter plumbing issues in Northern California and how to prevent them.

Frozen Pipes

Water expands when it freezes, and this can cause pipes to burst and create significant damage to your plumbing system. When temperatures drop below freezing, pipes that are not well insulated can freeze, which can lead to cracks and leaks. If you suspect that your pipes are frozen, do not try to thaw them on your own. Call a professional plumber immediately. You should also insulate your pipes before winter to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

Water Heater Failure

Water heaters work harder during the winter to keep up with the demand for hot water. This additional stress can cause your water heater to fail or even burst. To avoid this, flush your water heater every six months to remove any accumulated sediment at the bottom of the tank. It’s also essential to check your water heater’s pressure relief valve regularly to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be annoying at any time of the year, but they are more common in winter. With increased cooking, cleaning, and holiday guests, your plumbing system can become overworked, leading to blockages in your pipes. To avoid this, avoid pouring grease or oil down your drains and invest in drain screens to catch any debris.

Sewer Line Backups

Heavy rains can overwhelm your sewer system, leading to backups and flooding. To prevent this, have your sewer lines inspected and cleaned by a professional plumber before winter starts. You can also install backflow preventers to keep water from flowing back into your home and causing damage.

Winter plumbing issues can be costly and time-consuming to solve. But with some preparation and proactive steps, you can avoid most of the problems. Insulate your pipes, flush your water heater, invest in drain screens, and have your sewer lines inspected before the winter season starts. Remember to call a professional plumber if you suspect a problem with your plumbing system. With these tips, you can ensure that your home’s plumbing system stays functional all winter long.

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