What To Do When Brown Water Comes Out of the Faucet

What To Do When Brown Water Comes Out of the Faucet

Turning on your faucet and having brown water gush out can be quite a shock. Your first instinct might be to panic, but there’s no need. Brown water coming from your tap is most likely due to rust in your pipes.

Knowing what to do when brown water comes from your faucet can help you avoid a plumbing disaster. Let’s look at some common causes of brown water and what you can do about them.

What Causes Brown Water?

The most common cause of brown water is sediment that has built up in your pipes. Over time, bits of dirt, sand, and other materials can get into your water supply and cause your water to appear brown or cloudy. This build-up is especially common in an older home with cast iron pipes.

Another possible cause of brown water is if there’s a problem with your municipality’s water supply. If a main line burst or workers are making repairs in your area, sediment and other materials may have gotten into the system, causing the water to appear brown. This change is usually a temporary problem that will resolve once the repairs are complete.

Is Brown Water Safe to Drink?

Brown water may or may not be a health hazard, but it is also unsightly and unappealing. Contact your local water authority in Northern California for more information if you’re concerned about your water quality. They can let you know if there are any issues with the water supply in your area and what precautions you should take.

Depending on what is causing the brown water, you may also need to install a water treatment system for your home. Request a free water test at Fletcherswater.com today.

What Can I Do?

If you live in Yuba City, CA, and often notice brown water coming out of your faucet, there are two things you can do: first, try flushing your pipes by running all your cold taps until the water runs clear. If this doesn’t work, you may need to have your pipes professionally cleaned or a water treatment system installed by residential plumbers. 

Brown water coming out of your faucet can be alarming, but it’s usually not a sign of a serious problem. In most cases, it’s from sediment that has built up in your pipes. If you’re concerned about the quality of your water, you can contact your local water authority for more information. In most cases, hiring a residential plumber with expertise in water treatment will be your best bet.

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