Reasons Your Shower Water Isn’t Getting Warm

Reasons Your Shower Water Isn’t Getting Warm

No one likes getting into the shower expecting hot or warm water only to get a face full of ice-cold water instead. It’s jarring, to say the least. If the water never gets warm, it can make your whole morning routine a bad experience. If you’re having trouble getting warm water in your shower, you should consider these reasons your shower water isn’t getting warm.

Faulty Anti-Scald Valve

Most showers have a valve that protects against extreme temperatures. This is very important, as it prevents your shower from delivering water that is too hot, in turn protecting you from injury. But the anti-scald valve may malfunction—perhaps doing its job too well. A faulty anti-scald valve stops the water from heating properly.

Failed Mixing Valve

The mixing valve controls the pipes that send hot and cold water through the shower system so that you can get the temperature just right. However, wear and improper installation can cause the mixing valve to malfunction. Generally, repairing the mixing valve is difficult to do yourself. You may want to leave this to the professionals.

Pipe Problems

Outside of valve troubles, pipes issues are a common cause of water heating problems. Older houses sometimes use outdated pipe layouts that inhibit hot water. Otherwise, your pipes may have corroded, which lowers water pressure and can compromise your water’s quality. You shouldn’t try to repair any pipes yourself—an amateur mistake could be a very costly one when water is involved.

Water Heater Issues

Pipes aren’t the only part of the system outside your shower that can cause issues. The water heater might not produce the best water quality. There are many causes for water heater issues, with the common ones being faulty components from wear or a leak in the heater. If you suspect your water heater itself is malfunctioning, call upon the professionals at Fletcher’s Plumbing to properly and safely repair your unit.

Limited Hot Water

Your water heater heats all the water in your home. Washing machines, showers, and dishwashers all make demands on your water heater. Using them concurrently or within a short period of time from each other can quickly deplete your hot water supply. If another fixture or appliance in your home needs high quantities of hot water, you’ll likely run out of warmth before your shower. Time your laundry accordingly.

These are the major reasons your shower water isn’t getting warm for you. If you’re running into these problems and you can’t repair them yourself, hire local professionals for the job. If you live in Sacramento’s northern suburbs, give our Yuba City plumbers a call. We may be able to install a recirculating pump on your water heater, allowing you to more readily receive the warm water you require.