The Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

The Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer is just on the horizon, promising hotter days and unique hazards for your residential property. So, just like you’d prepare the rest of your home for the season, it’s vital that you also pay attention to your plumbing during this time. Believe it or not, there are a lot of piping issues that can develop as a result of a summer lifestyle, and knowing what they are can help you prevent them in the months to come. These are some of the most common summer plumbing problems and what to look out for as the temperatures rise.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

The beginning of summer is often marked by frequent cook-outs and an increase in household guests. This means that you’ll be feeding more people and, therefore, producing more food waste. Garbage disposals will need to work overtime to grind up this debris, which increases your overall chances of forming a clog. This is why it’s recommended that you place most solids in the garbage rather than down your drain.

Tree Root Infiltration

Tree root damage to your pipes is also more prevalent during this time of year. This is because summer is when many species fully come out of their winter stasis and start growing again. Roots begin spreading at a much faster pace, making them more likely to come into contact with your underground pipelines. As such, it’s important that you’re aware of the signs your pipes might have roots in them and call a professional immediately when you notice them.

Washing Machine Leaks

Another common summer plumbing problem to be aware of is the development of leaks around your home’s washing machine. When you’re spending more time outdoors, you’ll be doing more laundry to remove all the sweat and odors that linger long after people come back inside. However, this increased usage puts additional strain on your washing machine and raises your chances of springing a leak. Check your appliance’s water hose frequently to catch this issue early.

Slow-Draining Showers

Even your showers are at an increased chance of developing blockages due to the number of outside materials you’re carrying with you. Trips to the beach, in particular, can present a problem as sand, dirt, and gravel can easily stick together when they enter your pipes, which in turn prevents water from getting through. So, make sure to keep this in mind when going to wash off after a long day of activity.

If you notice these, or any other plumbing issues in your home this summer, give Fletcher’s Plumbing a call. We specialize in various types of residential plumbing repair and have given thousands of homeowners the gift of high-performing piping systems. Whether it’s clogs, leaks, or septic backups, we’ll work hard to ensure that your home’s system is something you can rely on.