hand filling clear glass of water under a modern sink faucet

How to Determine Your Home’s Water Quality

Testing your water is something not many homeowners consider, but it’s crucial for the safety and wellbeing of those who drink it or bathe with it. Untreated water could expose you to harmful chemicals and bacteria, which could have devastating consequences. If you’re concerned about what’s in your water, here’s how to determine your home’s water quality.

Use Your Senses

Your senses are your first indicators that something’s off with your water. If your water smells bad, like bleach, rotten-egg, or earth, something could be wrong. There could be excess chlorine, sulfur, or unwelcome organic matter in the water. If the water doesn’t smell bad but you have noticed an odd, metallic taste, this could indicate low pH levels, excess mineral buildup or the presence of iron or other metals in the water. Your eyes can also help spot issues, such as cloudiness, particles, and discoloration. Your water should remain clear and particle-free. Call a licensed plumber or your local municipality if you notice these effects.

Contact Fletchers Plumbing for a Free Water Quality Test

In Yuba City and surrounding communities in Northern California, it isn’t necessary to spend money on a home water test. Fletcher’s Plumbing and Contracting will come to your home and perform a water quality test for free. Based on the results, we can recommend solutions to improve your home’s water quality. A Kinetico whole-house water filtration system can soften hard water, remove many contaminants, and reduce the presence of chlorine. Your water will be clean and odor-free, making your hair more lustrous and your skin less dry. Your home’s pipes will also be free of sediment and mineral build-up. Contact Fletcher’s for a free water quality assessment. Fletcher’s is an authorized, independent Kinetico dealer.

Check Your Local Water Quality Report

Municipalities are required to test the water regularly and release their findings to the public. Review your local water quality report to understand the quality of your city’s water. If you haven’t received the report by mail, call your local municipality or visit their website for their most recent findings. They can either give you the results immediately or direct you to where you can find them.

In Northern California, call Fletcher’s Plumbing & Contracting for water treatment and plumbing services. Our home water treatment systems are the solution for problematic water, from hard water, water that smells or tastes bad, hard water stains, or potentially harmful contaminants. As an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water Systems, we understand the importance of addressing these water issues, so you have clean, safe water in your home. Call our team at (530) 285-3780 for a free home visit. We’ll have the right equipment to treat your water system for any situation.