Most Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Starting a business can be challenging. There’s a lot to consider, from daily operations to overhead costs to quarterly reviews. For instance, plumbing issues can seriously backlog work and increase building repair or maintenance costs. As a precaution, there are some common commercial plumbing issues every property manager should recognize.

Running and Leaking Toilets

When a toilet flapper breaks, the water in the tank will continually run, this is known as a running toilet. A broken seal can cause an overflow and lead to water damage. Even worse, sewage water can overflow, leading to unwanted odors and debris. Silent toilet leaks are another common occurrence. Excess water near the base of each toilet could indicate leakage. Typically, the toilet flapper’s seal creates the leak when it breaks. If you need help, a professional plumbing service can identify the source of your leaks and make the necessary repairs.

Drain Cleanouts

Another commercial plumbing service is a drain cleanout. Storm and sewer drain cleanouts are among the most common commercial plumbing issues. These lines may clog from hygiene products, waste, or other items, which is down-time for your business. Drain cleanouts target your main sewer line located at the front or rear of your building. Often a plumber will use a camera (video location) to locate the blockage first and drain snake or auger to remove blockage until the clog is gone. Pro tip: clear drains ensure fewer plumbing issues in the future.

Water Heater Installation and Maintenance

Additionally, commercial properties need professionally installed water heater tanks. Professional installation means code-certified work. New gas lines, venting, or even tankless water systems meet safety and performance requirements. Quality standards reduce error and assure secure heated water throughout your building. Plumbers also create leak-free connections and can offer maintenance advice for the new system.

Septic and Grease Trap Pumping

Finally, any commercial property must consider the septic issues that occur without proper maintenance. Septic pumping removes all liquid and solids from the tank. It’s similar with restaurants. Commercial foodservice buildings need their grease traps cleaned regularly to prevent buildup. When grease and oil flow through sewer lines, they float to the top. Eventually, this can create sewer blockage and worsen plumbing issues. Regular pumping prevents this issue.

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