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How to Choose the Right Plumber for You

From emergency pipe breaks to a planned plumbing installation, you want to trust that the plumber coming to your home will fix the problem without a hitch. When you choose a reliable plumber, you will feel at ease knowing that they have everything covered. But when there are so many local plumbers with various certifications, specialties, and costs, how do you choose the right plumber for your home?

Using these simple tips, you’ll be able to quickly find a plumber that can help you with all your plumbing needs.  

1) Friends and family recommend them

One of the best ways to find a local plumber is to ask your friends, family, and neighbors what plumbing companies they have worked with in the past. If they had a good experience with a plumber, chances are you will too. You can also jump on local community boards on social media sites such as Facebook or community apps like Nextdoor and ask your neighbors what plumbing companies they recommend. 

2) They are licensed and certified

A plumbing license is a must when choosing your plumber. Their license gives you the confidence that they have received the training and mastered the skills to fix any of your plumbing projects. 

You should also ensure that the plumbing company has the right type of license for the job you need. Plumbers, master plumbers, and plumbing contractors each have different levels of training and certifications. Plumbers generally have to be in the industry for a few years and pass an examination before they can receive the master plumber title, and plumbing contractors undergo even more training. Contractors are licensed to construct and remodel plumbing for the entire home or business. 

3) They are responsive

When water is leaking all over your kitchen floor, you’re going to want a plumber who picks up the phone and arrives at your home ASAP. The difference between 30 minutes and three hours could cost you thousands of dollars in damage.

4) They hire professional employees

Reputable plumbing companies do their due diligence to hire top-quality plumbers. Companies should run sufficient background checks and screenings for every employee. When wondering how to choose a plumber, check to see if the company does everything in their power to hire the best. 

5) They offer warranties and repair plans

When undergoing an extensive project, a warranty is a necessity. Ask plumbing companies about how extensive their warranties are and if there is anything that could void them. You should also check to see that the plumber has a repair plan. Preventative maintenance can save you big bucks in the long run, so it’s worth it to see what repair plans local plumbers have. 

6) They are insured

Insurance protects you and your home if a plumber makes a critical mistake. Without insurance, you will have to pay for reparations if they accidentally break a water line and flood your house, for example. Credible plumbing companies will offer insurance that covers both you and their workers. 

7) Rates are appropriate

Plumbing companies shouldn’t hide their rates behind the sole promise that they are “the best in town.” Find a local plumber who can be up-front about the estimate after they review the job site. Call around to different plumbers to ensure you’re getting a good deal while also hiring quality plumbers for the job. 

If you keep these tips in mind when choosing a plumber for your home, you will be satisfied with the business you hire. You deserve to feel comfortable and happy about the plumbing service you receive.
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