woman drinking a clear glass of water

The Many Benefits of Kinetico Water Systems

From showering to doing laundry and getting a drink, water keeps our homes running and take care of our family each day. It’s important to have the best water system, one that will offer many benefits to homeowners, and that is Kinetico Water Systems.

Benefits of Kinetico Water Systems

#1: It’s Non-Electric

Kinetico Water Systems are powered by water—not electricity—so there are no electric parts requiring costly repairs. Non-electric meanings economical and environmentally friendly. They’re low maintenance too!Kinetico Water is the green alternative.

#2: It’s Softer

Using Kinetico Water ensures your home will only have soft water, which is easier on your dishes and clothes. Plus, your hair and skin will feel so much better! Bonus Benefit: Soft water keeps plumbing free from scale buildup, preventing you from costly maintenance and replacement.

#3: It Saves Money

Who  doesn’t like to save money?! Kinetico Water Systems guarantee lower monthly electric costs, grocery costs (because of less detergent needed with soft water!), and even bottled water. No need to pay for expensive bottled water when you have delicious, chlorine-free tasting water right in the comfort of your home.

#4: It’s Long Lasting

Kinetico Water Systems work more efficient to deliver long-lasting comfort for your specific home and lifestyle. Best of all, the soft water will promise longer-lasting clothes, fixtures and appliances too.

#5: It Tastes Better

We all need to drink more water! Kinetico Water Systems provides safe, clean, fresh tasting drinking water for your home. No need to worry about contaminants or other impurities in your water. Food and beverages you make in your home will taste great!

Are you ready for your home to enjoy the many benefits of Kinetico Water Systems? Don’t wait, contact Fletcher’s Plumbing and Contracting, Inc. today to set up a free water test and quote at 530-673-2489 or fletcherswater.com.