Winterize Your Pipes

How to Winterize Your Outdoor Pipes and Plumbing

The colder weather and the changing of the seasons means it’s time to think about keeping your outdoor plumbing and pipes safe from damage and freezing. Following a few steps now can save you from the headaches and the pressure on your wallet that can happen when first frost and freezing comes. Winterizing your outdoor pipes and plumbing takes some time and attention, but is worth the effort. Keep reading for our guided checklist on how to winterize your outdoor plumbing!

Checklist to Winterize Your Outdoor Plumbing

  • Outdoor Faucets and Bibs
    • Turn off the water supply and drain the faucet. Consider covering with an insulated cover. Disconnect garden hoses and store for the season.
  • Insulate Exposed Pipes
    • Ideally, pipes should be wrapped with either an insulating tape or a pipe sock to ensure proper insulation.
  • Winterize Your Pool
    • Drop the water level in your pools to relieve undue pressure to the structure of the pool. Add chemicals to prevent the growth of algae and other aquatic organisms. Remove any debris and cover the pool. Turn off the pump and if it’s exposed, it’s a good idea to also cover it.  Keeping the pool pump running can help so it will not freeze in the pipes.
  • Ornamental Ponds and Fountains
    • Depending on the particular climate some ponds can run all year round, if you’re using a heater or if the water is moving. If not, you’ll need to drop the water level, remove and store the pump and consider installing an overflow pump in case of heavy rains.
  • Sprinkler System
    • You’ll want to turn off and drain your system to prevent cracking. It can be beneficial to have professionals come out to blow out any remaining water into the underground lines. This is recommended for those areas that experience a hard freeze. If you have questions, please call us to go over best practices for your specific area: (530) 673-2489

Bonus tip:

Be sure you know where your main water line shut off is before there’s a problem. We can help you locate it and can assist in several of your winterization tasks if you need help.

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