Prevent Holiday Sink Clogs

Tis the Season for Holiday Pipe Clogs

Prevent Holiday Sink Clogs


You’re happy that your home is full of loved ones this time of year, but did you know your pipes are probably more than a little stressed out? More people visiting means more flushing, showering, and dishwashing, putting greater stress on your pipes and septic systems. It isn’t uncommon for most households to encounter a plumbing issue during the holidays.


One of the biggest holiday plumbing hassles is food waste clogging pipes. Cooking for more people means extra food scraps, extra pots and pans, and even more plates and bowls to clean. All that “extra” can wreak havoc if you’re not careful. Your garbage disposal can only do so much to help break things down and keep pipes flowing smoothly.


Here are some drain do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Put food scraps down the drain.
  • Pour any liquids containing oil or fat down the drain.
  • Use the disposal to get rid of leftovers.


  • Wipe pots, pans, and dishes with a paper towel before washing.
  • Put all food scraps and leftovers in the garbage, including coffee grounds and eggshells.
  • Pour cooled oils and grease used for cooking into an empty, sturdy container like an aluminum can, empty coffee can or glass jar and dispose of properly.


Following these rules should help decrease the chance of having to deal with a food clog this holiday season. Don’t forget to remind other family members who may be helping in the kitchen or post these rules near your sink. And, although running hot water and soap down the kitchen sink prevents some grease build up close to the sink, eventually the grease cools further down the drain causing sewer lines to backup or overflow.


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