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Conserve Water By Installing a Recirculating Water Pump

shower-653671_1280 (1)The drought in California isn’t getting any better, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and let it get worse. There are tons of ways to get involved to save water in these desperate times in California.

One of the best ways to save water, not to mention provide a more convenient way to use hot water, is a water recirculating pump. This system will save you both water and money, all while aiding the serious drought conditions. Let’s dive into what a water recirc pump is, and why you should consider installing one.

What Does a Water Recirc Pump Do?

A water recirc pump keeps hot water slowly pumping around pipes to ensure that you have hot water whenever you need it. Unlike a traditional water circulating system, the water recirc pump has a return line from the end of the faucet to the water heater, which allows hot water to be available instantly. Pumps usually have a timer as well, to avoid using the pump when you are at work or gone for long periods of time.


The Benefits of a Water Recirc Pump

There are many benefits to installing a water recirc pump in your home or building:


  • Hot water is available instantly—don’t wait for your shower, faucet, or bathtub to heat up!
  • A timer is available for your recirc pump so you can schedule exactly when you need water.
  • Save anywhere around 15,000 gallons of water a year in your home.
  • They are small and compact and are easily installed in your home.
  • They may installed using both a dedicated return line, or using the current line to return water.


Bonus fact: If we could convince 5,000 homes to install a water recirc pump, those homes would save 172,500,000 gallons of water in a three-year period.

The obvious and most popular benefit to a water recirc pump is the convenience of continuous hot water throughout your home. However, due to the recent drought conditions everybody should be seriously considering installing a water recirc pumps and help save thousands of gallons of water.


Fletcher’s Plumbing Water Recirc Pump Install

Fletcher’s Plumbing and Contracting Inc. offers water recirc pump systems and installation. We would love to install a water recirc system in your house to save you water and money.

Through July 31, 2015, we’re offering 10% off  a water recirc pump itself and the installation cost!

There is not a better time to put a water recirc pump in your home than now.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for your recirc install, contact us today or visit our website.

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