Pipe Bursting

The basic components of the invention include a pipe parting mole, a length of cable that is attachable to the mole, a cable pulling device and a cable pulling device engagement means that provides a mounting structure for the cable pulling device. The cable pulling device engagement means generally includes a reaction plate and a structure for removably engaging the cable pulling device there within. A cable pulling frame may be advantageously used to facilitate the removal of the cable from a relatively small hole that is created at the pulling end of the pipe.

The equipment of this invention, is of modular design and needs no bolting, or tools to assemble. It will fit into an excavation hole that is 2 feet wide and 3.5 feet long, for the small pullers (24 tons) and 2’.times.4.5 feet long for the largest puller (75+tons) the entrance hole for the replacement pipe need be only as long as the radius bend, that the polyethylene pipe size used, requires.

The components of the present invention can be easily built in several sizes according to the strength of the cable to be pulled, and componentized, so that no component weighs more than 75 lbs. One may can now move all the equipment necessary to pull up to 150,000 pounds (75 tons), in one average sized pick-up truck and hand carry it to remote areas normally inaccessible to the larger prior art equipment. The present invention has particular applications in the vast 4” diameter home lateral pipe field, which has, up to now been relatively untouched by the trenchless method of pipe replacement.