Hydro-Evacuation is a non-destructive method of excavating using high pressure water to loosen the soil and a simultaneous vacuum to remove the spoils. Unlike backhoes, augers, and trenchers, this method virtually eliminates the risk of damaging buried pipelines, cables, utilities, and other underground structures while digging. In addition, this equipment offers diversity through multiple applications and environments.

Fletcher’s Camel Vactor Truck

•  1,500 Gallon water carrying capacity
•  3,600 CFM of Positive Displacement Vacuum capability
•  Up to 80 GPM @ 2000 PSI Up to 800’ of 1” Front Mount jet hose
•  Up to 80 GPM @ 2000 PSI Up to 600’ of ½” Side mount jet hose
•  5’ True telescoping boom with 210 degree rotation
•  Hydro excavation
•  10 Cubic Yards Debris Tank with hydraulic unloading capability

Our Camel Vacuum truck is designed for through drain line jetting and cleaning of storm or sewer lines from 4” – 48”. The truck is equipped with a main jet hose of 1” diameter , 800’ long for the larger line cleaning. Truck is also equipped with a smaller ½” diameter jet hose for jetting 3” & 4” lines of up to 600’ in length. The line cleaning can be controlled in pressure and in volume of up to 2000 psi @ 80 GPM. Truck is also used to vacuum up liquids and get access to lines that need cleaning. In addition to line cleaning this truck is set up for hydro excavation and has a capacity of 10 cubic yards of debris hauling capability.

Fletcher’s Pot Hole Utilities, Hydro Excavation                                               

•  2 – Vac Master SPVA 800 POT Hole machines
•  800 Gallon Spoils Capacity
•  150 Gallon fresh water carrying capacity
•  4” Vacuum hose, With 780 CFM
•  34 HP Diesel Motor
•   2,250 PSI @ 3 GPM Digging Wand

This small version of our Camel Truck is designed for hydro excavation. This giant vacuum cleaner goes with the Directional bore machine as support equipment when we drill. This versatile tool is used most for pot hole excavating and day lighting underground utilities for drilling, or surveying  areas where work to be done. Most valuable when excavating emergency broken water mains that do not have time for USA,  without breaking any additional underground utilities. So damage free excavating!