Good reputation in the community

“On Monday, June 6th, James came to evaluate my bathroom plumbing problem. He arrived on time and began work immediately after I described the problem. He evaluated the situation and tried some preliminary solutions. He explained the situation thoroughly and answered all my questions. By the end of the day, it was obvious that the problem was roots in the sewer line causing a blockage.
In order to safely dig, clearance had to be provided and the location of other service lines made. James returned on Thursday, June 9th to explain what the process for the day would be. Several times during the day, he explained what he was doing and why. He also showed me the clogged pipe, showed me where it had been broken previously and discovered there was no clean-out connected to the system.
Before he left that afternoon, he had replaced the pipe and installed a clean-out line. All during my interactions with James, he was courteous, careful to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it and took great care to clean up before he left. I wanted to let you know my experience with him reinforced your good reputation in the community.”—Sharyl S. via US Mail 6/15/22