How to Avoid Fire Risks with Your Home’s Plumbing

At a critical, frightening time such as the recent California fires, powerful jets of water are a welcome sight. But what’s not so obvious is that just as a family survives a grim fire situation, water can often take its turn to generate further despair by pouring damage onto plumbing systems. And while a house … Continued

7 Ways to Save Time and Money on Your Remodel

Getting started on a home remodel can be overwhelming. Even though you’re excited about the upgrades and adding value to your home, you’re probably not looking forward to spending thousands of dollars and living in a construction site. To help ease the pain, we’ve compiled a list of seven ways to save both time and … Continued

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

If you live in an area where the temperature gets even close to freezing, there are some important steps to take to protect your pipes heading into winter. Since water expands as it freezes, any ice in your plumbing can cause dangerous backups and cracks. Huge amounts of water could end up in your house, … Continued

Why You Should Call Before You Dig

Whether you are planning a giant home improvement project or just planting one tree, any project that involves digging has the potential to be extremely dangerous. According to data collected by the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) from various industry groups, there are more than 20 million miles of underground utilities in the United States. Since … Continued

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

Emergencies happen at the most unexpected of times, and unfortunately, we are often unprepared for them. Not everyone is fully equipped with an emergency car kit in the trunk for when you get a flat tire. Not everyone remembers to refill the first-aid kit when you run out of Band-Aids. When you think ahead and … Continued

Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen

Your kitchen may have perfectly suited your situation when you first moved in. High counters and bar stools were just great for snack time. But now that the kids are grown and gone—the island has been left deserted. Whether you want to mark a new life phase or you’ve realized the color palette choice is … Continued

How to Add Value to Your Kitchen on a Budget

There are many ways homeowners can improve the value of their home, but one of the most effective is a home remodel. Whether you are thinking about selling your home in the near future or simply want to improve your current living space, a kitchen remodel is the perfect way to bring more value to … Continued

The Benefits of Remodeling Your Home

With a can-do attitude, your dream for a home that proudly reflects you and your unique vision can be brought to life. Read how thoughtful updates to your layout and fixtures can improve your mood and help you make a profit. Bright, Decluttered Space Imagine more calm and less congestion. For ultimate comfort and style, … Continued

Preventing and Diagnosing Septic Problems in Your Home

Nasty backups in your plumbing? A faulty septic tank can mean a lot of time and money, or even illness and infection. Take a look at these common septic system issues and what to do to prevent them.   1. Too Much Water Sewage odors and slow, gurgling drains might be signs that you’re overloading … Continued

Sinking Feeling: What can (and Can’t) Go Down the Drain?

The pipes in your house are like veins in your body—it’s critical that they don’t become blocked. The best way to prevent nasty clogs? Recognize the items that do not belong down the drain, and dispose of that waste somewhere else. Common Culprits Fats, oils, and grease: Fatty foods such as butter and grease congeal … Continued